Oakdale Civic Association
Post Office Box #415
Oakdale, New York  11769


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Oakdale Round Table


  The Oakdale Round Table is group comprised of representatives of each of the four major community organizations of Oakdale.

Each of the four following organizations bring input from their respective memberships and each have an equal vote when a decision is made to support or oppose an particular action, event, program or policy.

Oakdale Civic Association
Oakdale Chamber of Commerce
Idle Hour Civic Association
Oakdale Improvement society

The Oakdale Round Table will only collectively and officially support or oppose any particular action, event, program or policy if all members of the Round Table are in agreement to do so.

One of the first great accomplishments of the Oakdale Round Table is the " Vision Plan " which was recently recognized by the Town of Islip.

Please click here for a link to a PDF of the Oakdale Vision Plan document.

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