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Oakdale, New York  11769


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Our Chamber of Commerce

The Oakdale Civic Association and the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce have a strong relationship with common goals. Both organizations look to improve and increase both the quality of life and commerce in our community.

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Oakdale Chamber of Commerce

A Message from the President of the Chamber 

A Chamber of Commerce must be the economic development engine of a community. For this reason, the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce is making major changes in the way the Chamber operates, but we need your help to put these changes into affect.

To be honest, we could do a better job in serving our constituents, you, the business community of Oakdale. Right or wrong, there’s a perception out there that the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce doesn’t do much for the business community. We understand that perception is reality and we’re taking steps to change both the perception and the reality.

As mentioned before, however, we need your help to do this. First of all, we need to have paid members in order to have the budget to fulfill our goals. Please consider joining the Chamber by filling out the application on the back of this brochure. Secondly, please consider being involved in the Chamber’s activities. We hold meetings on the third Tuesday of every month and everyone is welcome. Let us know what you’d like the Chamber to be doing for you.

Please take a moment to review the next section (Why Join the Chamber?) as well as the section after that (2008 – 2009 Initiatives) while you consider Chamber membership. It’s in achieving these goals in the Chamber that will have a positive impact on your bottom line by having a better community to do business in.

Thanks, and please feel free to give me your feedback by calling my number and/or by email.

Ron Beattie
President / Oakdale Chamber of Commerce

Why Join the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce?
Along with some of the initiatives we’re taking on this year, there are many reasons to belong to any Chamber of Commerce. Here are a few reasons why you should be a member of the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce:
  • The Chamber can act as a liaison with government officials through the many relationships we’ve cultivated over the years.
  • Chamber membership provides discounted advertising with local papers as well as with our newsletter.
  • Soon to come free listing on Chamber web site.
  • Referrals from other Chamber members.
  • The Chamber offers added exposure though the many events that we sponsor.
  • The Chamber can provide referrals to your business. Networking opportunities not only with your customers but with business-to-business contacts.
  • A strong business community helps keep taxes down.

Current Initiatives

There are numerous initiatives we’re taking on in an effort to re-make the Chamber to better serve our members. They are listed below:

We are realigning the chamber to improve our focus on the business community. To achieve this, we are creating three functional vice president positions for:
  • 1st VP / Member Services: To coordinate activities amongst members
  • VP / Treasurer & Finance: To focus on budget control and grant writing
  • VP / Secretary & Public Relations: To communicate with the public and government officials.

Through the two colleges in our community as well as the high school, we will be staffing the office (see below) with interns who will help us in achieving our goals. This is a win-win situation since the Chamber will obviously be gaining from this but we will also be exposing students to real business environments.

In order to better serve our members, we will staff an office at the Oakdale train station to facilitate better communication amongst our members.

Web Site
We will re-establish the Chamber web site and offer discounted web development for our members.

Shop Oakdale
We will establish a “Shop Oakdale” program to promote commerce within our community.


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