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Community Q&A

Community Questions & Answers

The below represent common questions posed by Oakdale residents, with contacts and/or links to answers. We will update this page on an ongoing basis. If you have suggestions to add to the list, please email the webmaster at oakdalecivicassociation@gmail.com.

Q: Who do I contact about fixing potholes or other road repair?

A: Town roads: Contact the Town of Islip Dept of Public Works, 224-5610. http://www.isliptown.org/departments.cfm

State roads: The NY State Department of Transportation has a pothole reporting hotline. Call 1-800-POTHOLE.


Q: What is the proper contact for permits?

A: Contacts for many types of permits are addressed below:

Building permit, plumbing permit, Change of Use, Certificate of Compliance, and Certificate of Occupancy applications:

Town of Islip Building Department, at 224-5466. http://www.isliptown.org/departments.cfm

Birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, passports, applications for hunting, fishing, dog, clamming, peddlers, games of chance, bingo and taxi licenses, as well as permits for parades, carnivals and block parties:

Town of Islip, Town Clerk’s office: 224-5490


Apartment rental permits:

Town of Islip Division of Code Enforcement. Call 224-5474 for information


Accessory apartments, within a single family home:
In order to have an “accessory apartment” in a single family dwelling, you must obtain an “accessory apartment permit” which is granted through the Town of Islip Board of Appeals. Call the Board of Appeals at 631-224-5489 to inquire about the application process as well as the criteria for an accessory apartment.

Multi Use Rentals; Multi Family Rentals; Tents; Combustible Storage; Hazardous Materials; Co-ops & Condo Rentals; Fire Systems/Tank Permits; Public Assembly and Certificate of Fitness;
LPQ; Open Burning/Bonfires

Town of Islip Fire Prevention Bureau. 224-5477.


Q: Who do I contact if I want to request a new stop sign or traffic signal?

A: For state roads, contact the Traffic Engineering & Safety Office of NYSDOT at (631) 952-6020, or at the following address. The NYS DOT website has helpful information available via the following link:

New York State Department of Transportation
Regional Traffic Engineer
250 Veterans Memorial Highway
Hauppauge, NY 11788


Q: What if I can't resolve my issue with the town, State or other agency?

A: You can start by contacting the Oakdale Civic Association or addressing your issue at an Oakdale Civic Association meeting. Although we do not provide solutions, members or the Executive Board may have contacts or avenues that they can recommend.

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